Realized Investments

AMES Holding Corporation

AMES is the leading rental provider and manufacturer of automated tools for the finishing of drywall. The Company has over 175 owned and franchise rental locations across the U.S.

Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Inc.

Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of case management and deposit services to Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in the United States.

iPayment, Inc.

iPayment, Inc. provides credit and debit card payment processing services to small merchants in the United States.

IWCO Direct, Inc.

IWCO Direct, Inc. provides direct marketing solutions focused on customer acquisition, retention and engagement, to many of the largest financial services, media and consumer products companies in the U.S.

MSX International, Inc.

MSX International, Inc. provides business process outsourcing services to the global automotive industry.

Packaging Dynamics Corporation

Packaging Dynamics Corporation produces coated paper packaging and other products.

Sleep Innovations, Inc.

Sleep Innovations, Inc. is the 2nd-largest manufacturer of visco-elastic (commonly referred to as “memory foam”) mattresses and pillows in the United States.

SouthernCare, Inc

SouthernCare, Inc. is the 3rd-largest provider of hospice care in the United States.

Sturm Foods, Inc

Sturm Foods, Inc. produces private-label hot cereal and powdered drink mixes for many of the largest food retailers in the U.S.

Tegrant Corporation

Tegrant Corporation manufactures customized packaging for consumer goods and industrial applications.

Titan Specialties, Ltd

Titan Specialties, Ltd. manufactures perforating guns and charges and other oilfield equipment.

Western Emulsions, Inc.

Western Emulsions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of asphalt-related pavement rejuvenation and resurfacing products and services in the Western United States.